HVAC Commissioning

HVAC Commissioning

Niche Building Solutions specialises in commissioning services for mechanical systems, ensuring they function optimally to create comfortable environments for end users. Passionate about commissioning, testing, and maximising building efficiency, we believe the process starts early in construction. Early commissionability and water treatment design reviews are crucial to establish strategy and capture enhancements. We spend time with our teams developing detailed commissioning plans to meet our high standards and client expectations, ensuring a smooth handover to the maintenance team.
We undertake commissioning and balancing of ventilation, cooling, heating, and domestic water services for various environments, from commercial offices to laboratories with precise pressure control. Our expertise covers newly installed systems and modifications to existing ones, including Carrier Moduline, Redlaw VAV, constant and variable flow systems, both conventional and PICV controlled.

Key Commissioning Guidance

Survey, validations and dilapidations.

We provide full validations, dilapidation and surveys of all building services investigating the existing performance of plant, physical condition with recommendation for remedial works. With the current impact of COVID on the planet it is important that air hygiene is understood and addressed, we have in house capabilities to sample main air handling plan and associated ductwork. Part of taking care of ventilation systems is to measure flow rates and look at control of the systems and how they perform once the building is being used.

Hydraulic services that are not maintained can significantly affect the system performance and life span of the material. The microbiological and the chemical parameters within the water are sensitive without regular monitoring and dosing the systems quickly deteriorate. Niche Building Solutions can provide full sampling analysis and provide recommendations or rectification works.
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