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Service We Provided

As requested by our customer London Vet Specialists located in Hammersmith, we completed the following services:
HVAC commissioning and water treatment.


The commissioning of all mechanical services was completed by Niche Building Solutions. The systems were set to work configuring the volume control dampers in line with the manufactures recommendations ensuring that the system is under control and proportionally balanced against the design brief in a full load condition. The primary and secondary air systems were commissioned and demonstrated to the client professional team successfully.

Water Treatment

Niche Building Solutions also completed the water treatment at London Vet Specialists. The water treatment techniques that were utilised were an environmentally friendly solution. We’ve successfully completed domestic chlorination on their systems, adhering meticulously to industry standards for quality and safety. Additionally, we’ve conducted thorough flushing procedures for both LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water) and CHW (Chilled Water) systems, ensuring optimal performance and purity across all components.

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